Changes to our CSA format

We’ve received feedback from previous years’ members and made a few changes this year, as a result.

The biggest change we’ve made is that we are only offering one size share for $395.  We made this decision because some people who got the Full share told us they were getting too much and some who got the Partial share said they wanted more.

Offering one size has many benefits.  For us, it results in better crop planning and allows us to streamline our harvesting and packing processes, which helps us meet the increased demand while keeping our prices consistent.  As in the past, the value of the items included in the bags is discounted 10 – 20% off the prices at the stand.  For members, it removes the need to decide which size is right for you and also gives everyone equal access to new items as they become available.  The resulting size should be right for everyone!

There are some added benefits to joining our CSA which are new this year.  We are offering a new feature for members who pick up at the farm.  As always, you’re invited to stroll around the garden to take a peak at what’s happening out there.  This year, you’re also invited to pick a bunch of flowers for your table or to cut your own herbs to make those fabulous veggies you’re getting taste even better!

We will be creating a private Facebook group that will be open to CSA members, only.  That’s where we’ll post a list of what you’ll be getting in your bag that week as well as the Fresh List of everything that’s available for sale at the stand each week.  Members will be able to share tips and recipes for the veggies in the weekly shares and we’ll post recipes there, too.

We also expect to do a few special events at the farm this year, too…we’ll let you know what those are and when they’ll be happening as we get closer to the season opening.

If you’re ready to renew your membership (or join for the first time), click here.  You’ll be taken to our membership page for more instructions on how to make that happen.

See you at the farm!