2021 CSA Guidelines

These guidelines contain all of the important information members should know and understand about how CSA works at Leaning Birch Farm.

Please take a few minutes to read through this page as it will help us lay the groundwork for a successful year together. The guidelines and policies it outlines are the basis for our Membership Agreement that members need to sign when they join our CSA.

Risk and Reward

Shared risk and reward are at the heart of the traditional CSA model. By joining our CSA, you are becoming a part of our extended farm family. Together, we all agree to share in the risk and reward of farming. If the year is especially abundant, you will receive product of exceptional quality and size. If the year is a difficult one with heavy pest, disease, and weather pressures, you may receive less of a particular item or possibly not get a particular item at all. If we experience an extreme natural disaster, such as flooding rains or a tornado, it is possible you may receive no further products at all. If we were to experience an event that resulted in us being able to provide less than 50% of the total amount of produce we would normally provide, refunds may be considered and will be discussed with the membership. 

Receiving your share

Community is a really important part of CSA, and going to the pick up site is a chance to meet and get to know your farmers and fellow members.  To make sure each of the sites run smoothly and safely, though, we need a few rules.

Pick up at the farm for the 2021 season will be every Friday from 4-7 PM.

In addition to picking up at the farm, members may pick up at any of our off-farm locations. When selecting your site, please make sure you can retrieve your share within the pick-up time frames listed.

This summer season, we will again participate in the Glens Falls Farmers Market on Saturday from 9-12 and we will be at the Schenectady Greenmarket on Sundays from 10-2.

Picking up at the Farm

When coming to pick up your share, we ask that you refrain from bringing pets onto the property (other than service animals).   If for some reason you need to bring your pet with you, we ask that you leave your pet in your vehicle while you are at the farm.  In general, we just ask that you are mindful of your actions so that we can continue to open up our farm to you and your family.  Members should feel free to invite a guest or family member to come to the farm with them; some of our best new members are friends of current CSA members who visited the farm!

Additionally, this is our dog, Tucker’s, home and he has free reign of almost the entire property.  He is very friendly (sometimes TOO friendly!) but be aware that he does bark when folks arrive at the farm.  Please know that he has never harmed anyone or anyone’s pets.  If you have concerns around dogs, please let us know and we will contain him in the house while you are here.  He does like to play and can get a bit “exuberant,” so please be aware of that, especially with children.  He is an unaltered male, as well, so that’s another reason not to bring your pets to our farm. 


Like any strong community, we need good communication. Leaning Birch Farm will share essential information about cancellations, delays, or problems via phone, email, or text. Please be sure to let us know the best way for us to communicate with you in short notice.

Refund Policy

Please be sure you want to join our CSA before making your purchase.  A CSA is about commitment to a local farmer and the farmer’s commitment to you.  If you decide CSA simply isn’t for you and you no longer want to receive your share, you can sell it to a friend and inform us of the change. Or, simply let us know you would like cancel your membership and forfeit your funds.

If you have to move out of the area or suffer an extreme hardship that prevents you from utilizing your share, you may be eligible for a prorated refund based on the remainder of the season (or balance on your Farm Card) plus an administrative fee. No refunds are given during the last month of the season. Any refunds are given at the farm’s discretion—please call us to discuss options.

If Leaning Birch Farm experiences a catestrophic event (other than extraordinary disease, pest, or weather event) and cannot fulfill its obligation to deliver quality shares in the quantity estimated, members will receive a prorated refund based on the remainder of the season.

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