How our CSA works


Leaning Birch Farm is a family run farm and is relatively small, compared to some other market gardens.  In order to ensure we are able to produce enough volume and variety to meet our CSA members’ and off-farm markets’ needs, we reserve the right to limit the number of farm shares we sell each year.

In response to an overwhelming demand for online purchasing and customizable shares, we offer our CSA in a new way: the Farm Card Share Members pay for their CSA share up front as usual and receive a pre-paid farm debit card.  They go onto our private online store each week and select the items they’d like to receive that week…as much or as little as they’d like.

Farm Card members really enjoy being able to select from our full line of available produce and receive only items they wanted, and in the amounts they wanted…no surprises!  This model affords members the ability to order larger amounts if they were having guests, or skip a week if they are going to be away.  This type of membership also allows folks to split their share easily with a friend…split the cost and order accordingly.

This customizable share model doesn’t limit members to a particular CSA season, either.  As soon as we open our online store for the season, Farm Card Share members can begin using their farm debit cards.  And, they can continue to purchase online for as long into the fall as the store is operational.  Additionally, members can begin using their cards at our farmers market locations before and after the online store is up and running giving them access to our earliest spring and latest fall crops.

In addition, CSA members can pick up at any of our on- or off-farm locations, simply by choosing one of those pickup locations when they place their order.  Our members who regularly shop at our farmers market locations can avoid waiting in line and also be sure we don’t sell out of popular items before they arrive.


Farm Card Share

The online store will open each Wednesday at 8 PM and will close each Friday at 9 AM.  Members will place their orders during that timeframe and then go to whichever location they chose during checkout to pick up their order during designated timeframes.  Members who prefer to actually shop for their food in a more traditional way can simply come to any of our locations, select the items they wish to purchase and present their Farm Card for payment at the checkout…it’s that easy!

Farm Card Share members will pay $425 and receive a farm debit card in the amount of $500, a savings of 15%.  In the event that the initial $500 is depleted, farm debit cards can be refilled in $100 increments at a cost of $85 for each $100 added to the card.  Any balance remaining on the card when we close the store for the season will carry over to the next year, with no service charges added.  The farm debit card is only good for purchases from our farm and is not linked to your bank account.

Memberships are limited, so join early to avoid getting shut out! 

You can secure your membership by paying a deposit of $90.00 and paying the balance by June 15.  Once the deposit has been made, you may make subsequent payments in whatever amounts and frequencies work best for you, as long as the complete balance is paid by June 15. Our website is guaranteed as secure for accepting online payments.   

Checks are always accepted for new or returning members and can be made payable to: Leaning Birch Farm. Please note on the comment line of your check that your payment is for the 2023 CSA membership fee.

While we certainly track all payments as they are made, we do not have the means to send payment reminders.  It is each member’s responsibility to keep track of how much they have paid and ensure full payment is made by the deadline.

Your Farm Card will be available for use as soon as we receive your full payment.  That means that, the earlier you pay in full, the earlier in the season you can begin enjoying all of the benefits of being a member of our Farm Family!  


Make a deposit:  Click HERE to make a deposit hold your spot.  Payment in full is expected by June 15.  

Purchase Pre-paid Farm Debit Card: Click HERE to pay in full for a farm card share.  We will mail you all the necessary information to begin using your card to make purchases at farmers markets and/or our online store when it opens for the season.