Field Crew and Interns needed for the 2021 growing season

Leaning Birch Farm is looking for hard-working field workers to assist in the 2021 season.  We are interested in working with people who are passionate about learning what goes into growing their food. While you do not have to have prior experience on a farm, it is helpful because you will already know how much work is involved in farming. It is very gratifying work, but it requires heartiness and a work ethic.  You must be willing to work hard, get dirty, and learn by experience in all weather conditions.

The farm’s focus is on both production and education. Interns from nearby SUNY Cobleskill will work closely with the farm crew to learn the daily rhythms in the various parts of the farm and participate in discussions with the farmers. Additional learning opportunities are available and encouraged through participation in farm-related workshops, Sustainable Farming Network meetings and farm tours, as wells as Cooperative Extension conferences and workshops, outside of work hours throughout the season. In addition, interns associated with SUNY will develop a project on the farm that is related to their school program.