Internship Details:

We are looking for interns who have a passion for learning about vegetable farming, as well as more experienced farm crew members to join our team. Preference is given to applicants who are approaching farming as a possible career path. An internship on our farm will help you gain knowledge and skills to manage a profitable market garden.

We can provide opportunities to learn about all aspects of mixed vegetable farm management from seed propagation (greenhouse and field), transplanting (timing and successions), crop rotation, weed management, pest and disease management, cover cropping, soil fertility, harvest and post-harvest techniques.  While Interns can be involved in many aspects of the farm including irrigation, season extension, greenhouse management, harvest management, building of infrastructure, and more, the primary focus will be on crop production in the field and in our high tunnels. We are often experimenting with new varieties and growing techniques which offer unique learning experiences.  For the right people, there are possibilities for multi-year learning and continuing in advanced positions in future years.

Due to the nature of farming, hours may vary over the course of the season.  At times, longer days than usual may be necessary in order to complete all the necessary tasks. 

Educational Opportunities:

Every day is a learning experience at our farm. We believe the best way to learn about growing food is by observing experienced farmers as well as by getting your hands dirty. Additional learning opportunities are available and encouraged through participation in off farm conferences and workshops as well as Sustainable Farming Network meetings and farm tours outside of work hours throughout the season, as the COVID-19 pandemic allows. In addition, interns associated with a college degree program may develop an independent project on the farm that is related to their specific area of interest.

Skills Desired:

While experience working on a vegetable farm is preferable, enthusiasm, passion, can-do spirit, and proven ability to tough-it-out can substituted for that experience. Being able to regularly lift 50 lbs., work fast, and keep up the pace is required.   The ability to work long hours in the heat or cold or rain, and the ability to work independently are important characteristics. Willingness to stick with a chore until it is completed is highly valued.  Applicants must be in good health, physically fit, and a desire to learn about and practice sustainable agriculture is a must.  A valid driver’s license is also necessary.


Meals are not provided on a daily basis although, from time to time, we do prepare large, shared lunches for the entire crew.  Space is available in the cooler for the crew to store their lunches each day.


Hourly pay begins at $13.50/hr and is paid on the books with NY mandated workers compensation insurance coverage.  Applicants with higher level experience may begin at higher rates.  Raises are given during the season if earned, and feedback is provided to our crew members to let them know how they can qualify for raises. 


Housing is not currently provided, although there is space where a camper could be parked if an intern has one available.  No electric or septic is available for campers. We will also consider making housing arrangements for the “right” intern; please let us know if you would be interested in this option.

Preferred method of Contact: email