Field Crew

General Description:

As a member of our field crew, you will experience farming through hands-on learning on our diversified, Certified Naturally Grown farm. Your role will vary throughout the season but will primarily focus on the seeding, transplanting, cultivating and harvest of the crops, both in the field and in our high tunnels. You will observe and interact with other areas of the farm as well, but this is your primary area. You will also be involved with preparing for our CSA shares each week as well as preparing for farmer’s markets.

Due to the nature of farming, hours may vary over the course of the season.  At times, longer days than usual may be required in order to complete all the necessary tasks.   We are interested in hiring Full-time and/or Part-time crew members and are willing to be somewhat flexible in scheduling, as long as the needs of the farm are met.

Skills Desired:

While experience working on a vegetable farm is preferable, enthusiasm, passion, can-do spirit, and proven ability to tough-it-out can substitute for that experience. Being able to regularly lift 50 lbs., work fast, and keep up the pace is required.   The ability to work long hours in the heat or cold or rain, and the ability to work independently are important characteristics. Willingness to stick with a chore until it is completed is highly valued.  Applicants must be in good health, physically fit, and a desire to learn about and practice sustainable agriculture is a must.  A valid driver’s license is also necessary.


Hourly pay begins at $12.50/hr and is paid on the books with NY mandated workers compensation insurance coverage.  Applicants with higher level experience may begin at higher rates.  

Preferred method of Contact: email